Wedding Photographer · Casa de Los Espíritus Alegres | Gaby & Hector

Wedding Photographer Casa de Los Espíritus Alegres

2 days, two days documenting Gaby & Hector’s wedding weekend in the most beautiful city in the entire country, Guanajuato City (which by the way is very expensive hahaha). We started on Friday celebrating their Civil and Callejoneada and followed on Saturday with the great celebration and final union of these super cool guys!

A unique and daring wedding, where every tradition was an exception and they were the creators of their day with a super cool Mexican style theme, along with a hipster style from start to finish. From the architecture of their room, the clothing of all the guests and WOW! Gaby & Hector (chocolate for my lens) and an unparalleled reception arrangement, details and menu, goodbye tents, hello moon and stars!!

Gaby, Hector, family and friends, thank you very much for all your attention. For my part, I had a spectacular time being among all of you and the truth is, what a beautiful wedding! I send you all a hug and I hope you like your story from my point of view! Take a seat, have a coffee and enjoy!